Bi-fold Door

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Bi-fold Doors provide flexible, effortless operation of space.

What is a Bi-fold door? Bi-fold doors consist of two or more panels. In addition to being hinged at one side,
the panels are hinged together. These doors are often desirable when there is a need to fold a door into as small
a space as possible and create an illusion of opening up areas.

Our bi-fold doors provide real space-creating systems when a clear inside / outside  solution is required between a room and the outdoors.

RWD incorporate Centor’s E2 hardware into every bi-fold door unit. The doors  are able to be opened either inward or outward,

with odd or even numbers of panels in any configuration,  leaving no interruptions from posts or fixed glass panels.

We are able to design your bi-folds with many direction options to flexibly  manage interior and exterior space.


A small sample of our Timber Bifold Doors

Bi Fold Door 3 set Options           Bi Fold Door 4 set Options

Bi Fold Door 5 set Options         Bi Fold Door 6 set Options